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Trucking is our bread & butter

We specialize in the trucking of Dry Bulk Cargo, Sand, Limestone, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Gravel and just about anything else that can go in a dump truck. We strive to provide superior end to end results so that our customers feel safe with us handling their load and trusting us to get it there on time. 

We are committed to the safety of our employees, customers and the public of the community that we serve. We take pride in our equipment, drivers and customer service and have proudly called Medina County home for over 75 years. Across the street or across the country, Albrecht Trucking is dedicated to superior service and exceeding customer expectations.

Dry bulk Cargo

Dry Bulk Cargo is usually unpacked and homogenous. Examples are; coal, grains, produce, raw materials and supplies. You can learn more about Dry Bulk Cargo here.


Gravel is typically used in backfill where drainage is important. It can help create a beautiful hardscape, is easy to work with and is usually round is shape. We offer several varieties of gravel that you can view here.


Sand is often recognized for its versatility on the job and for all kinds of projects at the home. We offer several varieties of sand for your project needs. View them here.

topsoil & Fill Dirt

Topsoil and fill dirt can be used for things from gardens to earth dams and everything in between. Whether you need compactable material or the finest screened topsoil around, Albrecht Trucking has you covered.



Limestone can help someone create a beautiful driveway, parking lots and so much more. We offer several varieties of Limestone for your project needs. View them here.

Everything else

If we didn't name it on this page, that doesn't mean we can't haul it, it just means it is not on this page. Give us a call to discuss your trucking needs and we will be happy to help guide you to the best decision.