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Material Estimator

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Material Estimator

Use our material estimator below to obtain ESTIMATES of how much material may be needed for your project. If you have questions about compaction or how to use this calculator, please feel free to contact us. Follow steps 1-3 below and you will obtain an estimated quantity of material based upon the dimensions you provide and material you select.


If you are unsure of the correct material, please call us or visit our material pages for additional information.

Step 1. Select Material Type Unit measurement
Sand Mason Sand, Fill Sand, Concrete Sand, Filter Sand Ton
Limestone #57, #8, #4, #1's2's, #9d, #411, #304 Ton
Gravel #8, #57, #34, #467, #1's, #1&2's, #617, #304 Ton

Step 2: Enter length, width and depth of fill area. NOTE - depth is in inches, not feet Step 3: Click the button below to estimate the total material needed.
Length (feet)
Width (feet)
Depth (inches)