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Excavating Services

Excavating services are very near and dear to our hearts here at Albrecht Trucking. We take pride in every job, starting at the beginning planning stages all the way through to the final grade. Our full service capabilities allow companies to streamline the bidding process and launch projects faster. From storm drains to water line, building pads, parking lots, culverts, horse arenas and sanitary, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done on time and within budget.

We operate a full scale trucking operation alongside our excavating company that allows for an unparalleled advantage in the construction Industry. Leverage our expertise and unique capabilities to help bring your next construction project to life.

site work & drainage

Our team is experienced in getting the job done on time and within budget. We schedule, manage and perform all of the stages of site work, including: land clearing, excavation, finish grade, storm drainage, catch basins, retention basin, compacted pads, parking lots, building pads, driveways and footers of all types and sizes. 


We are able to grade just about any surface.  Grading can be used in preparation for the construction of parking lots, driveways, sports fields, arenas and yards.  We can also grade existing driveways, parking lots, horse arenas as well as applying final grade to new projects.


Our combined trucking and excavation services are of great benefit to factories and industries. We can offer 24 hour services combined with our fleet of trucks.  Our services include but are never limited to: demolition of any structure, saw cutting, press pads and utility systems, all with limited, if any, operational downtime for the facility. 

Ponds & Lakes

Ponds and lakes are a great way for you to add value to your property or upcoming project. Ponds and lakes can also serve as a vital resource on farms and other long term working environments. We operate a full scale excavation fleet equipped for your next pond or lake. 


Our extensive residential excavation services include everything from conception and planning to project completion.  Our services include anything from the construction of turn-arounds, building pads, arenas, ponds, drainage systems and foundations to the demolition or movement of buildings to grading and backfilling.



We are capable of demolishing anything up to 2 stories high. After demolition, our straight trucks and semis quickly remove the rubble, reducing the hassle of scheduling a separate trucking company. After demolition, we truck in the new material to start the next project.