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People use sand for a number of reasons but the most popular uses are probably sand boxes, underneath concrete and for Masons. Sand is recognized for its versatility to complete many different projects on the job-site and at home. 

Sand is also often used for personal beaches (as shown to the right), certain pet applications and even landscape architecture. Albrecht Trucking is happy to help you with the delivery of sand in Medina, Seville, Lodi, Spencer Ohio and the surrounding areas. You can learn more interesting facts about sand here.

3 Quick facts about Sand:

  1. Sand can be mixed with water to make concrete.
  2. Sand dunes are made when the wind or a river pulls sand into a mountainous shape.
  3. Sandy beaches are mostly made of silica (SiO2) in the form of the mineral quartz.

Mason Sand

Beaches and sandboxes, horse arenas because of its smaller particle size, makes softer footing and easier on hooves

Sugar to dust size

Filter Sand

Good for filters, septic systems and other areas where filtering is important. Can also be used under concrete as a stable base.

Rice crispy to sugar size

Concrete Sand

Good for Horse Arenas and because of its larger particle size, gets better traction but may cause hoof damage on animals.

Rice crispy to sugar size

Fill Sand

A byproduct of gravel pits, It is made up of the finest particles washed from the process.  Can have gravel and clay in it. 

Powdered Sugar with Clay Dough Balls size