Albrecht Trucking

Albrecht Trucking

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Albrecht Trucking is a company built on the values of its founders; tough, honest and passionate people.

I am proud of my family as well as all of my Dad's friends and employees that I had the opportunity to grow up with and learn from.  My goal is to carry these principles into the future..

Albrecht Trucking Company is a family owned and operated trucking, hauling and excavation company based out of Medina, OH.  We specialize in trucking, hauling and excavation services for Medina, Seville, Lodi, Spencer and the surrounding areas.

We can haul just about anything from industrial materials, alloys, bulk edibles and heavy equipment to gravel, stone, sand and even byproducts.  We also offer a wide variety of excavation services including parking lots, building pads, laser grading, drainage and ponds. Please review the below information for more details on how we can help your project.