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People choose limestone for a number of reasons but the most popular reason is probably appearance. Stones of various types are recognized for their strength and beauty, therefore by utilizing Limestone, you can create a beautiful driveway, landscaping and so much more.

In addition to providing an appealing view and sturdy foundation, Limestone materials are also extremely affordable and easy to work with. Limestone requires little maintenance but will survive through even the worst conditions and Albrecht Trucking is happy to help you with Limestone services in Medina, Seville, Lodi, Spencer Ohio and the surrounding areas. You can learn many interesting facts and more about limestone here.

3 Quick facts about Limestone:

  1. Limestone is normally grayish-white in color. 
  2. Limestone is typically used in driveways because it is hard, light and angular.
  3. Limestone is not the best choice for drainage applications. 

#8 washed Limestone

Used in the topcoat of driveways (small enough that ladies can walk on it in high heals and children can ride bikes on), fine grading under concrete, etc.

Raisin size

#1& #2 washed Limestone

Base stone for driveways, parking lots, etc. and can be used for water erosion in areas such as cliffs, lakes, ponds and bridges.

Lemon to grapefruit size

#304 Limestone

Used in the topcoat of driveways, fine grading under concrete, temporary drives & sidewalk applications.

Eggs to dust size

#57 washed Limestone

Common use is driveways or parking lots.  Holds up against traffic and used for grading under concrete.  Also good as backfill for trenches.

Grape size

#9D Limestone

Used under paver stones and for animal pens, stalls and arenas.  Compacts well and easily moved or graded.

Rice crispy to dust size

#4 washed Limestone

Good for truck traffic and parking lots. Also a good choice for parking large vehicles or machines that require additional stability.

Egg size

#411 Limestone

Most commonly used as base for pavers, over culvert pipes or to choke base (1's and 2's). Compacts well and can also be used in pipe installation.

Grapes to dust size pieces